The walls we live in

For an artistically motivated school, the aid of an inspirational environment is just what young visionaries need to find a spark of originality and motivation that they can share with their university. Read More

Sizing up

An online post for Cosmopolitan went viral on Facebook early in January. However, it wasn’t for the reasons many people may think. Robyn Lawley, 24-year-old Australian supermodel, was posing in a tight swimsuit, but the…

Think before you wear

The clothes we wear send a plethora of thoughts through the minds of our peers and others. The signals a person gives off with their attire can either make or break them when it comes…

Stop the madness

Each year millions of Americans rush to malls and shopping centers to spend hundreds of dollars on gifts simply because it’s December. Black Friday has been named a state holiday in Alabama. According to,…

Jingle bells too close for comfort

Holidays are a time to celebrate and be with friends and family. It is traditional to have Halloween in October and Christmas in December, but what happens when preparations for these holidays overlap? Read More