Sarah Clayton

COVID-19 complicates Greek life philanthropies

Photo by Madelyn Alexander There have been many challenges amongst all campus life this semester, but Greek life on campus has been affected particularly heavily.   It has been a challenge for both fraternities and sororities for recruitment, as well as philanthropy season, which is primarily in October.  Usually all the organizations are able to hold in person events, but since that was not a possibility this semester, they had to move the events online, which has impacted the number of attendees.   As an alternative, several organizations are hosting virtual week events.  For example, Chi Omega recently did a virtual Wish Week for their philanthropy Make-A-Wish where there would be...

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Celebrating Halloween in quarantine

Graphic by Bell Jackson Spooky season is a time where the season truly shifts. The time where three major holidays hit back to back every month that makes this semester even more fun, starting off with Halloween. Of course, this year Halloween is looking a little different because of COVID-19.   According to NPR, the CDC has posted regulations and safety guidelines for this Halloween season by categorizing activities from low risk to high risk. The high-risk activities being trick or treating and both indoor and outdoor haunted houses. Moderate risk is going to pumpkin patches and outdoor scary movie nights which can be done with social distancing....

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Why do we call it unlucky?

Graphic by Bell Jackson. With Halloween season/spooky season coming up I thought it would be appropriate to talk about something that has always fascinated me: superstitions.   Not too long ago, I was zoning out and the thought popped up “Where do superstitions come from and why do we believe in them?” I have always believed in the basics: knocking on wood, lucky pennies, breaking mirrors and lucky items like clothing, but what made me believe in those things that led to me still believing in them?   First, we must ask the question: What is a superstition?   According to the...

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