Laura Derocher

“Overwatch” expands narrative by adding new hero

Ashe, a sharp-shooting cowgirl, is the 29th hero added to the “Overwatch” roster. Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment. Last week, Blizzard Entertainment’s popular video game “Overwatch” introduced its 29th playable character, a wild west outlaw named Ashe, with a video trailer and an eight-minute video short.    She was released for play on the Public Test Realm on Nov. 5, but her official release date for actual gameplay is unknown at this time.   Ashe is classified as a damage-type hero, meaning that her primary purpose within the game is to attack the opposing team— primarily with a rifle, but she is also able to...

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Scientists discover real-life planet Vulcan

Last week, the discovery of a new exoplanet orbiting the star HD26965, also known as 40 Eridani A, made headlines for a pretty unusual reason—the planet’s mention in “Star Trek” as Spock’s home planet, Vulcan.   Unlike some other science fiction series, “Star Trek” utilizes some factual locations in its setting in order to make connections to our real world, and make it more believable as our future.   “‘Star Trek’ is a fictional universe, but it’s supposed to be about the future of humanity,” said Dr. Bruce Finklea, UM Assistant Professor of mass communication. Finklea is currently teaching a class on the cultural significance of “Star Trek” wherein...

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Fish are friends, not party favors

On Sept. 19, the University Programs Council (UPC) will be hosting Fish Fest, where, according to their promotional flyers, live goldfish will be given away to event attendees. Those same flyers also advertise free decorations and, most concerningly, bowls for the fish to be kept in. As a former employee of PetSmart, as well as a lifelong fish owner, when these flyers went up, so did a ton of red flags.  A simple Google search will tell you that a bowl is an unacceptable home for a goldfish for a plethora of reasons, so it’s disappointing to see how ill-researched this event was, or possibly...

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