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Student organizations are adapting to COVID-19

Photo by Madelyn Alexander.  Meeting new people, exploring different interests and furthering your education are all integral aspects to the college experience. In a pre-COVID world, people would go out of their way to interact with one another through parties, games and club events.   Six months into the pandemic, socializing has a whole new meaning that comes with a lot of new rules and restrictions including a social distancing requirement and a campus-wide mask mandate.  These new rules affect everyone, especially those who often plan social events for sororities, fraternities and clubs. The purpose of clubs at Montevallo, as with any...

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COVID-19 vaccine

Photo by Retha Ferguson via Pexels. Within the last six months, COVID-19 has had a drastic impact upon the lives of Americans everywhere. With schools and businesses reopening and flu season just around the corner, the hope for a cure, or at least a vaccine, is only growing stronger.  According to WebMD, a vaccine forces your body to create antibodies against a certain illness, usually created using a weakened or dead form of the germs. This immunity would not only increase chances of recovery, it could potentially save thousands of lives.   The death toll in the United States alone...

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The influence of Black Lives Matter on Artist

Illustration by Derrick Thomas In the midst of large-scale societal shifts, many great works of art were born. The intense emotions that come with revolutionary changes to our everyday lives are often the driving force behind many works of art we admire today.   “Guernica” by Pablo Picasso is a powerful anti-war painting shown in classrooms all over the world. “Liberty Leading the People” by Eugene De La Croix commemorated the masses of people who sought to dethrone a corrupt king. These and countless others not only offer a glimpse into the past through the perspective of the people but...

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Meet the Montevallo Mayoral Candidates

Illustration by Anna Grace Askelson One of the most important aspects of a community is leadership that makes sure the voices of its people are accurately represented. Whether it’s making headway in handling a crisis or simply making the environment feel more like home, the title of mayor is not a position to be taken lightly.   Current mayor and UM professor, Dr. Hollie Cost, has decided not to run for re-election, leaving two candidates on the ballot: Joyce Jones and Rusty Nix.  After two terms as mayor, Cost found the decision not to run for reelection very difficult.   “I’m...

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