Ryann Taylor

“All in the Swing” strikes gold

The cast finishes a full ensemble piece with GV’s proudly displayed. Photo by Katie Compton Comical narrators Daisy and Pearl lead the audience through a “self-involved” tale about the town of Marian during the Gold Rush in this year’s Gold Side production. After being informed by the Stage Manager that they are supposed to be putting on a show, Daisy and Pearl quickly configure a show about their town where they aren’t good at mining, but they “can’t do nothin’ else.” The town’s Mayor announces that he has a plan to bring in the best miner around, Jesse “Jackpot”...

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Gold side’s “Robin Hood” hits the mark

Gold side performs “A Very Notti Musical” for the College Night 2017. Photo by Erica Proctor. Gold Side transports their audience to a nostalgic retelling of “Robin Hood” with a twist. The three Merry Men introduce us to the current state of affairs in Nottingham, or as everyone calls it, “the ‘Ham.” The people of the ‘Ham are ridden with poverty and corruption from the Sheriff and Prince John. They dream of the return of their hero, Robin Hood, and during the opening number are pleasantly surprised by his return as well as the prospect of a party in...

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