Keshia McClantoc

On the Bricks with Keshia Mcclantoc

  Why do you think Black History Month is important? Do you think University of Montevallo has done a good job in celebrating Black History Month? What else do you think could be done to honor Black History Month? Erin Green, Sophomore Political Science and English Double Major  Black History Month is important because our current educational system whitewashes history. Black people have suffered a lot in this country but still have made amazing contributions to society. That needs to be celebrated. I feel like Montevallo has.They have had guest speakers, a black history trivia event and other activities. I think maybe having more events could help, but I’d honestly like to see more involvement with other minorities such as Women’s History Month, Native American History Month and LGBT History Month. Senteraca Brown, Senior Biology Major I think that Black History Month is important because it teaches the youth of tomorrow about the struggle of our ancestors to remember what one has today was not given but worked for. I feel like Montevallo made good efforts to celebrate Black History Month as best as it can with its available resources. I would love to see incorporation of more minority organizations’ work and more school advertisements for these events. Pandora Jones, Junior Theatre Major  I believe Black History Month is important because schools don’t teach you how important the non-famous...

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My experience at the Women’s March

Millions of people joined the Women’s March, wielding various protest signs and posters. Photo by Hannah Hurley When I first stepped off the bus and into the chilly Washington D.C. air, I had no idea what to expect. I had spent the last 12 hours on a bus full of over 30 women, some strangers and some not. Through the long bus ride we discussed the reason why we were marching. As the question made its way to me I really had no idea how to answer it. I only knew that I felt I had to do something...

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