Jamie Haas

Review: Kai’s Koffee House

The Bama Brûlée is just one of a variety of lattes, mochas and other drinks one can order at Kai’s Koffee House. Ever since the tragic closing of Eclipse, the city of Montevallo has been sorely lacking a worthwhile go-to coffee spot. Sure, there are places you can go to get a quick fix like McDonald’s, Jack’s or Einstein’s, but none offer that same charm and ambiance that a more one-of-a-kind establishment often does.   Enter Kai’s Koffee House, the answer to our coffee-craving prayers. Well, sort of. The place has its ups and downs, but there are two...

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Alumnus profile: Jeremy Black

Pictured above is an artistic close-up of Jeremy Black. Scrolling through Facebook over the past week, there’s one story almost every UM student has likely seen at least once: a one-in-a-million yellow cardinal was photographed in Alabaster, Alabama by Jeremy Black. However, not long before his rare portrait went viral, Black was a student at the University of Montevallo, staying up late to finish art projects and tripping on the bricks like the rest of us.   Black graduated with a Bachelor of Science in graphic design and photography in December 2016, and has since been putting his education to...

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Daniel Franzese elicits laughs, provokes thought

14 years following the release of cult favorite film “Mean Girls,” actor Daniel Franzese, who played the effervescent Damian, has undertaken the task of creating an original stand-up special. It was this endeavor that brought Franzese to the University of Montevallo on Wednesday, Feb. 21. Although his passion in comedy is a longstanding one, writing an hour’s worth of material was no easy feat. Now, Franzese is determining what jokes will make the final cut by testing them out on college campuses across the country. “The youth is the future. My fans now are going to be my fans forever,” said Franzese. “I wanted to see how the jokes worked, find new material, play around and have a good time. I’m forever this brain when it comes to pop culture, college-level pop culture.” Franzese’s set began with an explanation behind his uniquely titled tour, “Yaaas, you’re amazing.” When it came to his attention that more often than not, when people nowadays use the adjective “amazing,” it’s to describe things Franzese considers banal, he was both frustrated and amused; but, Franzese sought to change the connotation of the word among his younger audience. “When I knew I was doing a college tour and it was specifically designed to reach students, I wanted to take ‘amazing’ away from the vernacular of just throwing it around and, hopefully, let it resonate just...

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Provost speaks at SGA Town Hall

On Tuesday, Oct. 24, SGA hosted the academic year’s first Town Hall in Farmer Hall’s meeting room. The night featured two speakers: UM’s new provost, Dr. James McDonald and Library Director Charlotte Ford. McDonald spoke first and proposed four potential initiatives he believes would improve the University through the point-of-view of recruitment, retention and timely graduation. The first suggestion McDonald made was that of an improved first year experience. The provost emphasized not only assimilating students into the University, but orienting them toward their specific college. “We want students in the department of social sciences to learn what it means to think like a social scientist,” said McDonald. He informed the room that the faculty senate is currently working on a program to address those needs, as well as others, such as teaching incoming students other necessary college skills like time management and studying. The second initiative McDonald proposed was the integration of more engaged learning experiences, which he defined as instances of deep, profound learning. These experiences could take the form of semester-long projects that apply problem solving and creative thinking to real-world problems. McDonald said these significant projects would ideally be put into students’ portfolios.   The third suggested improvement involved international outreach. McDonald is seeking to diversify UM’s campus, and believes he has the connections to do so. Having worked with students in China, South Korea...

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Opinion: campus accessibility in need of improvement

During the spring semester of 2016, the SGA Senate voted in favor of a resolution to support implementing a $50 housing and residence facilities maintenance fee. Once enacted, the money collected from that fee was to be put into a fund designated in its entirety toward building an elevator in Napier Hall. Within the resolution, it was stated that only after the elevator was completed could the collected funds then be put toward other on-campus projects. However, now that approximately $250,000 has been accrued, its initial purpose of funding a Napier elevator has been called into question.   Currently, the SGA Senate and Executive Cabinet are discussing whether or not to uphold the resolution’s original promise and are split about 50/50 on the decision. However, official action to divert the funding elsewhere isn’t likely to be taken if the student body expresses a strong desire to maintain the integrity of the 2016 resolution. That is to say, if we want an elevator built in Napier Hall, then we as students need to speak up in support of using the collected funds for that purpose.   Those in opposition to keeping the resolution as is have expressed a number of reasons why they believe utilizing the money elsewhere would be the best decision for UM. I think that not only do the benefits of the elevator outweigh any proposed costs,...

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