Jamie Haas

Business affairs VP talks Falcon Flex, loss of Domino’s

Photo by Jamie Haas There is scarcely a student that has yet to hear the news: Domino’s Pizza is no longer accepting Falcon Flex, the University dining plans’ cash-equivalency system, as a form of payment.   While this development may have been met with shock and disappointment from many a hungry college kid, Vice President of Business Affairs Mary Ellen Heuton sought to inform the students of UM that the decision to remove Domino’s was not one made with malicious intent.  “The company that we have signed a contract with to manage Falcon Flex and the GET App is responsible for handling the off-campus...

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UM professor to serve on statewide committee

Dr. Brendan Beal, assistant professor of social work at UM, has never considered himself a particularly “political” individual; however, in the coming months he expects to become more engaged in the realm of local politics than he has ever been due to his recent election to the State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC).  The SDEC is the governing body of the Alabama Democratic party. It consists of two representatives from all 105 State House Districts, with members elected during the Democratic primaries of midterm election years.  Initially, Beal had no intention of running; instead, Montevallo local and fellow SDEC member Cheryl Patton encouraged him to consider the position.   “At first, I told her, ‘no, no way. I don’t want to get involved,’ but then she assured me – and she’s been right so far – that it’s not a big position,” said Beal. “It’s about the smallest elected position there is. I always make the joke that it feels like more people vote for dog catcher than they do this.”  Despite the relative slightness of the position, Beal is eager to watch and learn from the other committee members.   “I’m not ready to pound my fists and say ‘This is what should happen in Alabama!’ because I’m new to Alabama. I’ve been here 2 years,” said Beal. “But this is cool because I’m hearing a lot of smart, passionate people,...

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From college to congress: UM student takes on the capitol

Audrey Henson (left), the founder and CEO of College to Congress, and Zoe Scott inside the Capitol When Zoe Scott was a child, the question was often posed to her, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Like many kids, Scott’s answer could vary depending on any number of factors: how early in the day it was, what she’d seen on TV the night before, or if she was particularly hungry at that moment. At times her destined career path might have been becoming a mermaid, and at others, the president, both of which could be...

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Thrift shop pop-up feeds the hungry

Madi Niven poses with the pop-up sign before customers arrive for the limited-time event. Photo courtesy of Madi Niven When Madi Niven thinks back on her time at the University of Montevallo, one course in particular stands out. As a former communication studies major, Niven remembers all too well the prompt Dr. Sally Hardig offered her and her classmates when choosing a semester topic in their Persuasion course: What would you march in the streets for?    For Niven, the answer to that question was, and continues to be, ending child hunger.   “I’ve had a heart for a while to...

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Class of 2018 gets creative with decorative grad caps

In recent years, decorating one’s graduation cap appears to have grown in popularity, with more and more students choosing to add a personalized touch to their regalia. From messages of celebration to pop-culture references to inspirational quotes, the possibilities are endless for a creative college senior. Featured here are some of our favorite designs from UM’s class of 2018. Congratulations...

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