Jamie Haas

Marion Brown: A gift to the game

Brown graduated from UM in 2003 with a degree in communication studies. Photo by Kat Bell It’s not hyperbolic to say that among current players, the name Marion Brown is near-synonymous with the game of College Night. Some might even argue Brown is a staple of the University itself, a statement that becomes less shocking as one delves into how the two are so inextricably intertwined.   Long before Brown graduated from UM in 2003, her godmother attended the University in the 1940s. Earlier still, Brown’s grandmother was a member of the class of 1912. With this family lineage paving her path, it’s only...

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Purple production claims third victim, losing streak continues

The Purple Victory cast waves to their side during “Finale,” while singing of Purple pride. Photo by Kat Bell It was Joseph, on the roof, with the pistol “Whodunit?” was the question on every audience member’s mind as the plot of the Centennial Purple Victory show, “Murder En Plastique,” unfolded.    Putting a purple twist on a classic Agatha Christie-inspired murder mystery, the show takes place in Montevallo’s own Flowerhill Manor, where guests have begun arriving for a mysterious dinner hosted by Lord Coulderoy.   The scene is set by a kooky trio of caretakers, the Wormpots, who greet the potential victims as they enter...

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C’s Cakes & Coffee House opens doors to Montevallo residents

Owner Cynthia Bertolone and employees at C’s prepare a guest’s coffee order. Photo by Kat Bell The long-vacated niche of small-town coffee house present in the city of Montevallo since the departure of Eclipse Coffee & Books has now been filled with the opening of C’s Cakes & Coffee House on Main Street.  The C in its name, of course, stands for Cynthia Bertolone, the café’s owner. Partnered with her husband, Michael, the Bertolones already manage a Pelham business, Cake Art. However, the two opened the local coffee shop after receiving a nudge from Montevallo citizen, Dr. Bobby Shunnarah.   “He owns a lot of the businesses...

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The gift-giver’s guide to shopping locally

Sweaters are abound in the recently-opened Brass Monkey boutique. Photo by Katie Compton As November comes to its sleepy end, there are few absolutes that Alabamians can rely on. Will the weather actually get any colder? Perhaps. Will the traffic on I-65 delay your timely arrival home? It depends on the day. Will college football enthusiasts still be discussing the results of this year’s Iron Bowl well into the winter months? Seems likely, but who can know for sure?  The one inescapable certainty we can all anticipate this time of the year, though, is the act of buying gifts for our friends...

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App spotlight: Co-Star

It’s far from hyperbolic to say that for thousands of years humans have been fascinated with the celestial bodies. Tracking the journeys of the stars and planets is a tradition that stretches further back than most of us can imagine and deriving meaning from the galaxy’s path was only a natural next-step. Thus, the study of astrology was born.    Especially relevant to the practice of Western astrology is the position of the stars at the time of one’s birth. From this placement, one can determine their sun sign, which is the primary aspect of one’s natal chart that mainstream horoscopes take into account when...

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