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SGA Constitution Breakdown

The SGA constitution not only governs UM’s SGA, but also governs the student body as a whole; yet, just like the U.S. constitution, the number of students who have read it or have knowledge of it is low.   One of the most important things students should know is that the constitution states that anyone who pays the student activity fee, which is all students, is subject to the rules and regulations of the constitution.    This includes any amendments to the constitution and any bills passed by the SGA that would affect students.  Much like the United States, the SGA...

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SGA continues despite UM closing

The SGA Senate met as usual in the weeks leading up to the extension of spring break and the transition of the University into online classes.  In preparation for the elections that would determine next year’s SGA roster, the current members of the executive cabinet took a little time to explain their roles.  The roles of executive cabinet are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Senior Class President, Student Trustee, President Pro Tempore, UPC Coordinator, Administrative Vice President, Executive Secretary, Senate Clerk, Director of Social Services, Director of External Affairs, Freshman Forum Advisor, Director of Public Relations and Director of Diversity...

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Faculty Senate discussed senior grade due dates

Montevallo’s Faculty Senate met Friday Feb. 14.   The primary topic of discussion at the meeting was the decision by the University to keep the due dates for senior grades the same.   This same issue came up in an SGA Senate meeting, and many senators expressed their preference for the grades to remain due at the same date so that Seniors could receive their diplomas on graduation day.   A week after the issue was first brought to the attention of the SGA, Dr. Dahle informed SGA president, Olivia Eldridge, that the due dates for grades would not be changed.   The Faculty Senate had a very different viewpoint than the SGA.   When faculty senate president, Dr. Tiffany Wang, informed the Faculty Senate of the University’s decision many of the Senators reacted with outrage, particularly when Wang told them that the administration had informed her that they were making the decision without any Faculty input.   Wang conveyed that she had been informed some students were polled prior to the decision, but expressed her own doubts on the thoroughness of the polling. She also said that she had been informed that some alumni had expressed concern over the change.   Several faculty senators responded by asking why any alumni should care about when graduating Seniors received their diplomas.   The Faculty Senate discussed possibly passing a resolution to express their belief that the due date...

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SGA Recap

In their first meeting since homecoming week, the Senate gathered in Farmer Hall to discuss resolutions, hear reports and swear in new members.  In executive reports, Madison Hollon, SGA Vice President, informed the Senate that she was compiling a list of items that should be in the student organization resource room that SGA had previously discussed putting into Farmer, and asked for input from Senators.  The University’s Sustainability Committee hosted a make and take event on Feb. 11. There were two items of new business, the swearing in of a Senator and a resolution brought to the Senate floor.  Jodiann Martin was sworn in as the new Athletic Senator. The resolution brought to the floor was Resolution 001, which stated that UM should provide hand sanitizer stations in the basement of Davis Hall.  In their report to the Senate, the Students Rights and Interest Committee stated that it was their belief that the station is necessary in the basement of Davis to help prevent the spread of germs. They also explained that the reason they had previously been unable to get support for this from Physical Plant was that Physical Plant believed the stations would be superfluous because students in Davis could just wash their hands.  The Students Rights and Interest Committee disagreed with this viewpoint and said that there was no hot water in Davis for handwashing.  It...

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UM Board freezes tuition and fees

The Board of Trustees has chosen to freeze tuition, room and fees for the 2020-2021 school year. This will be the second-year that tuition and fees will have been frozen at UM. The freeze last year was solely focused on tuition and did not affect the raising or lowering of room and fees. “I think [the freeze] will help students in need meet tuition requirements,” said Dr. Tammi Dahle, the vice president of student affairs. “We are cognitive of students in need,” added Chairman at the UM Board of Trustees, Todd Strange. The freeze will not affect out of state or graduate tuition levels. It will also not affect meal plans and students should expect to see a slight raise in the cost of their meal plans next year. Strange expressed his belief that UM would not always be able to freeze tuition, but that it would be fine for the upcoming year. The Board briefly discussed the replacement of Moe’s and the possibility of bringing Pita Pit to UM. Since there is a Pita Pit at the University of Alabama, SGA President, Olivia Eldridge reported that she had reached out their SGA and received positive feedback from them about Pita Pit. Student Trustee, Thomas Dillard conveyed that he believed students were grateful over the changes that had been made to counseling services. Dr. Mary Beth Armstrong, the Vice...

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