Harrison Neville

Shop till you drop, on a budget

Photo by Kat Bell During the Christmas season, the one tradition that is most practiced is the giving and receiving of gifts. For many, it is more about the giving of presents and the joy that it brings to others than it is receiving gifts for themselves, but Christmas shopping can get expensive, which limits what you can give to the amount you’re able to spend. Hopefully this holiday season, the list below will aid you in purchasing good gifts in Montevallo on a small budget.  Smitherman’s Homemade Fudge: $2 or less; price varies depending on the type and...

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Open up new worlds this break: book recommendations

One of the great things about being a college student during the holidays is that you usually get a lot more time off. What better way to spend that time between helping your Mom hide your Dad’s presents and trying to guess just what’s inside that really big box from your grandmother, than curled up on the sofa sipping hot chocolate and reading an excellent book?  “Icefall” by Matthew J. Kirby  A rich story set in a nordic hall during the winter, readers will want to grab an extra blanket as they follow the story’s heroine, as she wrestles with her feelings...

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Students reach for the stars at COMS Day

Jamie Haas, Brittany Foster, Brittany Davis and Kyle McDonald participate in alumni panel during COMS Day. Photo courtesy of University Marketing and Communications The University of Montevallo Department of Communication Studies hosted its annual COMS Day event in the Student Activity Center on Thursday, Oct. 31. The event is a large part of the COMS 499 capstone class for Senior Communication Studies majors.    Students put together and plan out the event as a part of their class.    “Event planning is an important skill set for a lot of communication fields,” said Dr. Raymond R. Ozley an associate professor in the Department of Communications...

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Spain Park teens a symptom of nationwide ill

Oh boy. Here we go again. I received a text from my brother on Monday, March 4: “Do you know about the Spain Park video?” So, I got on YouTube and typed in “Spain Park Video.” It was the first thing that came up. If you look up just “Spain Park” the first thing to come up will be commentary on the video.   And now comes the outrage, the shock, the guilt and the cover-up. There’s always a cover-up, quick actions taken by various people to dismiss or sweep what happened under the rug, to convince everyone that the problem has been addressed and all is well.  There seems...

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Scott Dillard speaks at SGA Town Hall

Dillard used the Town Hall as an opportunity to keep students up-to-date on local legislation. Photo by Harrison Neville It is an easy matter for students to become so wrapped up in college life that they miss out on the events occurring in their own state’s legislatures. At the Feb. 21 SGA town hall, UM’s Vice President of Advancement and External affairs, Scott Dillard, informed students on some of the topics being discussed by the Alabama legislature in the State Capital, Montgomery, and how they might affect Montevallo students.   According to Dillard, a current hot topic in the state legislature is the infrastructure bill. Commonly...

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