Waid Jones

Gold Side sign’s tough journey to Farmer

Golds carry their sign to the front of Farmer. Photo by Kat Bell The night before sign raising was scheduled, Jan. 23, Gold Side began the monumental task of moving the largest sign in College Night history. Two hours and almost 2 miles later, the side had accomplished the task months in the making.  10:30 p.m.  Metal doors of the Gold Victory portion of the shop, commonly known as side space, creek as they are rolled up by Rylee Holt, the female Gold Side leader. The stark difference between the warmth inside of the shops and the cold outside...

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Your Oscars primer

Each year, the Oscars become a little less relevant. So this rundown exists to let you know what you should watch, what not to watch and where the most drama is most likely to be.  Best Picture  Ultimately, this category is going to come down to Quinten Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and Bong Jun Ho’s “Parasite.” One of these films shows true achievement in film making and the other one was custom designed to win an Oscar – it also happens to be good.  I would not be surprised if Tarantino’s film about Hollywood in its heyday sweeps...

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Baby Yoda is the only reason to watch “The Mandalorian”

Illustration by Waid Jones So far, with two episodes down, Disney’s “The Mandalorian” is a mediocre entry into the Star Wars franchise’s excellent set of television shows that is saved by an adorable alien. While I like the show and feel it’s a great ride I’m having trouble falling in love with it.  “The Mandalorian” takes place in the 20-year span between the original trilogy and JJ Abrams’ Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. It explores the outer limits of the galaxy that were left with a power vacuum post empire.   It stars Pedro Pascal as a Mandalorian bounty hunter,...

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Bloom wins Life Raft Debate

Dr. Laura Bloom celebrates her win. Photo by Kat bell Dr. Laura Bloom, professor of Family and Consumer Sciences, won the 23rd annual Life Raft Debate and secured her spot on the Life Raft and the coveted oar.  On Oct. 10 in Palmer Auditorium the survivors of a fictional catastrophic event gathered to decide which one of the professors vying for a spot on the coveted Life Raft would get one.   The event, in its 22nd year, has professors defend their discipline for a chance to be “saved,” or in the case of the devil’s advocate, argue for no one to be saved.  Dr. Scott Varagona served as the...

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Q&A with UM’s Men’s Soccer Head Coach

Bruce Dietterle, head Coach of the University of Montevallo’s Men’s Soccer team  Q: Where did you go to school? When did you join the UM Athletics program?  St. Anselm College. I started as the Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach in late July of 2010  Q: How did you get to be the head coach?  In August of 2012, I took an assistant coaching job at a D1 school. When the opportunity presented itself to comeback to get a shot at the Head Coaching position, I didn’t hesitate. That was in February of 2013.  Q: What started your interest in soccer?  My older brother got into it at an early age so obviously I wanted to follow in his footsteps. Because I started so early, I was able to develop skills that made me a little better. It gave me confidence, which led to a passion for the game.   Q: How did you get into coaching?  It’s started as a summer job in College. I worked with the club I played for growing up. They had summer programs that would work with 3-13 years old.  Q: Could you describe your philosophy as a coach?  It’s a broad question. I have a couple that focus on different aspects. My soccer specific is to break pressure then attack space and then defensively make teams play into uncomfortable situations. From an overall coach’s philosophy, I want...

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