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UM to extend online instruction, postpone commencement

The University of Montevallo will continue online instruction throughout the Spring semester and will postpone commencement.  On March 20, in an email sent out by the University Montevallo, it was announced that students would not be returning to in-person classes during the spring semester.  “I am very sorry to relay that, due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, we will extend the distance learning model currently deployed through the end of the semester,” stated UM President Dr. John Stewart in an email to students Friday.  The University also announced that Commencement would be postponed  until Aug. 7.  “This...

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City of Montevallo Declares State of Emergency

Mayor Hollie Cost announced that she had declared a state of emergency in the City of Montevallo. Mayor Cost discussed this measure during an emergency meeting of the Montevallo City Council on March 17.  “In communities it is important that there is an authority to take action,” said Cost regarding her decision.  The mayor also noted that the City’s emergency declaration will stay in effect in the entire duration of the State of Alabama’s declaration, which does not have an expiration date attached to it. Montevallo City Clerk Herman Lehman explained during an emergency City Council meeting that the emergency declaration allows the mayor to act quickly to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in Montevallo. Lehman elaborated that this declaration allows the Mayor to make quick decisions related to responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, while not having to bring the City Council together. Cost assured council members during the meeting that she would continue to inform them about actions taken to contain the virus in the community. “As of this point, we have not had anyone who has contracted COVID-19 in our community, but we have to assume there are people in our community with COVID-19,” said Cost during the emergency city council meeting. The mayor went on to say that she knows of at least two Montevallo citizens who are awaiting results from tests. Shelby County, and other counties...

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Breaking News: UM announces transition to online classes, early spring break

The University of Montevallo announced Friday that they would have an early spring break starting on Monday, March 16, and would transition from in-person classes to an online format starting on March 30. This came after the first confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported Friday morning by the Alabama Department of Public Health.  “Due to the ongoing threat of the coronavirus pandemic, and out of concern for the safety of our campus community the University of Montevallo will extend its spring break earlier than scheduled,” said UM President Dr. John Stewart in an email to campus on Friday, March 13. ...

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What you need to know about the primary

Individual filling out their presidential preference card in the Iowa Caucus. Photo by: Jonathan Rogers from The Little Hawk Democratic presidential candidates have widely ignored Alabama, with few rallies happening with candidates present, but with a field split into almost thirds Alabama could help decide who the ultimate nominee of the Democratic party is.  Alabama’s primary will be held on March 3, also known as Super Tuesday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and because of Alabama’s open primary system you are allowed to vote in either the Democratic or Republican primaries as long as you registered to vote on or before Feb. 17 for online registration, Feb. 15 for mail registration or Feb. 14 for hand delivered voter registration forms.  During the primary, Alabamians will get the opportunity to vote for delegates to be sent to the Democratic or Republican National Conventions. These delegates will then vote for who the ultimate candidate for their respective parties.  Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is currently the apparent front runner but with votes and delegates from each of the previous primaries and caucuses split with such small margins – Sanders only defeated Mayor Pete Buttigieg by 2 points in the New Hampshire Primary, a contest in which he secured 60% of the vote in 2016 – it is a possibility that front runners may change wildly over the course of Super Tuesday.  Sanders has been outspoken about...

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Gold Side sign’s tough journey to Farmer

Golds carry their sign to the front of Farmer. Photo by Kat Bell The night before sign raising was scheduled, Jan. 23, Gold Side began the monumental task of moving the largest sign in College Night history. Two hours and almost 2 miles later, the side had accomplished the task months in the making.  10:30 p.m.  Metal doors of the Gold Victory portion of the shop, commonly known as side space, creek as they are rolled up by Rylee Holt, the female Gold Side leader. The stark difference between the warmth inside of the shops and the cold outside...

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