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Q&A with UM’s Men’s Soccer Head Coach

Bruce Dietterle, head Coach of the University of Montevallo’s Men’s Soccer team  Q: Where did you go to school? When did you join the UM Athletics program?  St. Anselm College. I started as the Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach in late July of 2010  Q: How did you get to be the head coach?  In August of 2012, I took an assistant coaching job at a D1 school. When the opportunity presented itself to comeback to get a shot at the Head Coaching position, I didn’t hesitate. That was in February of 2013.  Q: What started your interest in soccer?  My older brother got into it at an early age so obviously I wanted to follow in his footsteps. Because I started so early, I was able to develop skills that made me a little better. It gave me confidence, which led to a passion for the game.   Q: How did you get into coaching?  It’s started as a summer job in College. I worked with the club I played for growing up. They had summer programs that would work with 3-13 years old.  Q: Could you describe your philosophy as a coach?  It’s a broad question. I have a couple that focus on different aspects. My soccer specific is to break pressure then attack space and then defensively make teams play into uncomfortable situations. From an overall coach’s philosophy, I want...

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Q&A with UM’s Volleyball Head Coach

Katie O’Brien, head coach of the University of Montevallo’s volleyball team Katie O’Brien is the head coach of the Volleyball team. She has been at the University of Montevallo as a head coach since spring of 2008, after being the head coach at Piedmont College. Last year the falcons finished the season 22-9 overall and 15-4 in conference play.  This year the volleyball team will start the season off today in Huntsville playing Harding at 9 a.m. and Travecca Nazarene at 1 p.m. Tomorrow they will face off against Lees-McRae at 8 a.m. and West Georgia at 5 p.m. Before those games Coach O’Brien answered a few of The Alabamian’s questions about her coaching style, her interest in volleyball and how she became a head coach.   Q: Where did you go to school? When did you join the UM Athletics program?  I attended the University of Iowa and then I went to coach at Piedmont College.  I joined UM in spring 2008 – current.  Q: What started your interest in volleyball?  I knew I loved the sport of volleyball when playing it in gym class during elementary school or family picnics, when I was little.  Entering 8th grade I started to get more serious about it and wanted to play in college.  I was probably better at basketball right out of high school but my potential in volleyball was even greater.   Q: How...

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Q&A with UM’s Women’s Soccer Head Coach

Jake Wyman, head Coach of the University of Montevallo’s Women’s Soccer team Q: Where did you go to school?  I went to school at Coker College, in Hartsville South Carolina, it’s a Division II school. Then I got a second degree at Lander University that’s in Greenwood, South Carolina.  Q: When did you join the UM Athletics program?  I took the job here Feb. 28 of 2016, as an assistant coach.  Q: How did you get into coaching?  I stumbled into coaching. I graduated from Coker and thought I was going to work for an asphalt company, and then the guy who recruited me out of high school called me and asked if I wanted to be his assistant coach and go back to school. That’s really how I got involved in it.  Q: How did you become a head coach?  Oh man, that’s 10 years of work and paying dues. It’s just hard work and patience.  Q: What started you interest in soccer?  I would say that my parents got me interested in the game, and I ended up being half decent, so I stuck with it.  Q: Can you describe your philosophy as a coach?  Coaching philosophy for me is a multifaceted answer. I mean there’s a lot of things that go into our job, we’re managing young people. I think that has to be at the forefront of our minds when we’re recruiting and coaching, that we’re coaching people and not...

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UM board approves spending increase

UM’s Board of trustees approved spending increases, while board chair Todd Strange cautioned that the University was dipping dangerously into its reserves and would need to increase charitable giving in the future. Scott Dillard, director of University Advancement, assured the board of trustees that giving was up this year, and that year over year giving continues to rise though often donors earmark donations for specific projects.  Included in these spending increases was a 2% increase in the salary pool for UM faculty and staff. Faculty will receive an increase automatically, while staff will receive a pay increase based on merit.  The University of...

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Montevallo City Council ends curbside recycling

Montevallo city council approved a measure to discontinue curbside recycling during a council meeting on Monday, Aug. 12, upon the recommendation of the finance committee.   Earlier this year it was revealed that curbside recycling in Montevallo was not going to a recycling plant but was instead going to a landfill. At that point the city began looking into alternative measures and ultimately chose to discontinue the services on Sunday, Sept. 15.  It was noted in the meeting that the service was only used by around 40% of residents and would have cost the city over $100,000 to keep, and the price of garbage pickup services would have increased for all residents by $4.92.   It was also mentioned that creating a system that residents could opt into curbside recycling was not administratively feasible and would have added substantially more cost to the program.  “None of us want to vote for this, but we don’t seem to have any other options,” said Mayor Hollie Cost before calling the vote to discontinue the service. Cost noted that the instatement of citywide recycling was what got her into local government, making this an especially difficult blow to the mayor.  The measure passed 5-1 with Councilwoman Tiffany Bunt, District 3, abstaining from the vote. Bunt cited a personal reservation against letting go of curbside recycling in Montevallo.  The City did approve the creation of a “Sustainability Coordinator.” One of the position’s first jobs would be...

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