Zoe Hall

Dear Zoe, April 1, 2020

Dear Zoe,   Being back home is weird for me, because I’m really used to being on my own at school, but now that I’m living at home, I feel like I’m back to being a kid again. How do I maintain my independence while still respecting the fact that I’m living in my parents’ house?  From,   Trapped in childhood  Dear Trapped in Childhood,  I’d just like to start out by saying that what you’re feeling is totally valid, and you’re not alone. Gaining independence while you’re having to live at home presents a new challenge, but not an impossible...

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Mars Peterson on breaking boundaries

Mars Peterson, musical theatre major, and active member of Purple SidePhoto by: Kat Bell Growing up in Spanish Fort, a small suburban town in rural Alabama, Mars Peterson began to look outside the box. During high school especially, he began to explore what gender identity best suited him. “I don’t always adhere to the stereotypes of gender, which made it really hard for me to figure out what felt comfortable for me,” said Peterson. “There were so many societal stereotypes that I felt like I had to align with in order to be a trans guy.”  According to Peterson, he found out about Montevallo through a high school teacher who told him about the theatre program. College Night was also a big influence in coming to UM.  “I’m so passionate about theatre and College Night has a close atmosphere that I just love. I didn’t even really know that campus was as inclusive as it is,” said Peterson.  Since coming to campus, he expressed that he has felt incredible support both inside and outside of the classroom. “My purple parents are both trans and Purple Side just sucked me in. It’s just such a family, which was something I needed,” said Peterson. “I really was drawn in by how unapologetically himself he is,” said Robin Stevens, one of Peterson’s purple parents. “He’s so supportive, and he always tries to...

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City Council addresses new business developments

When the Montevallo City Council reconvened on Monday, Feb. 10 at 6 p.m. citizens raised their concerns about arising developments in the area.  The meeting began with a public hearing regarding a request from Chris Reebals, on behalf of Montevallo Cottages LLC. This request was to change zoning districts from R-2 SD to R-4 SD for construction of multi-family housing. According to Mayor Hollie Cost, the Planning Commission reviewed the request on Jan. 16 and recommended City Council not approve the change. Ultimately, the Montevallo Cottages proposal was not passed.  A public hearing regarding a request from Paul Widman, on behalf of property owner Brenda Zigarelli, for the approval of the Bluegrass Apartments development plan also took place.  When opened to public comment, several citizens voiced their concerns, including water drainage issues, increased traffic and effect on property values.  The council decided to approve the construction of the Bluegrass development with a 4-2 vote. Councilmen Rusty Nix and Arthur Hebert voted against the site development plan. Hebert expressed that he had concerns about the development’s impact on nearby property values. The City Council then heard a presentation from Ammersee Lakes developer Tom Bagley, who wants to divide the cost of repaving roads. “My proposal is for us to divide the costs,” said Bagley. “We put repair into the first sector and the second sector and work out a situation...

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Dueling opinions: “Fine Line” by Harry Styles

Jamie Browder I would just like to preface this with that I did not fully love “Fine Line” when it came out, but over a month since its release, each track has grown on me in varying ways. I’ve come to a very solid conclusion that I absolutely love this album.   The title track itself, “Fine Line,” leaves a little to be desired as far as excitement, but I think it bridges the gap between the more upbeat songs such as “Sunflower vol. 6” and “Falling.”  The album begins beautifully, with a song I could only describe as having...

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College Night goes to the capitol

Meghan Hilley and a librarian at the Library of Congress holding “College Night: A Centennial Celebration.” Photo provided by Meghan Hilley In early December, junior communications major Meghan Hilley visited the capital with a couple of friends from church on a spur of the moment trip.   Overall, Hilley described her experience visiting DC as enjoyable and she expressed wanting to go back. Her favorite part of the trip though was being able to hand over the College Night book.  “We booked the flight the second week of November and went right after finals ended,” she said.  Because of her job in...

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