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Dueling opinions: “Fine Line” by Harry Styles

Jamie Browder I would just like to preface this with that I did not fully love “Fine Line” when it came out, but over a month since its release, each track has grown on me in varying ways. I’ve come to a very solid conclusion that I absolutely love this album.   The title track itself, “Fine Line,” leaves a little to be desired as far as excitement, but I think it bridges the gap between the more upbeat songs such as “Sunflower vol. 6” and “Falling.”  The album begins beautifully, with a song I could only describe as having...

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College Night goes to the capitol

Meghan Hilley and a librarian at the Library of Congress holding “College Night: A Centennial Celebration.” Photo provided by Meghan Hilley In early December, junior communications major Meghan Hilley visited the capital with a couple of friends from church on a spur of the moment trip.   Overall, Hilley described her experience visiting DC as enjoyable and she expressed wanting to go back. Her favorite part of the trip though was being able to hand over the College Night book.  “We booked the flight the second week of November and went right after finals ended,” she said.  Because of her job in...

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Free speech, what’s changing?

Graphic by DeAndra Hodge Earlier this year, Gov. Kay Ivey signed in a law, under which universities are prohibited from establishing “free speech zones.”  This means that Alabama’s public universities, including the University of Montevallo, are required to adopt policies that allow students to freely express their opinions on controversial issues.    While the legislation limits university officials’ ability to silence students, it can only do so much.  The most recent example that I can think of is this past month, the student government at the University of Alabama told football fans to “behave” during Trump’s visit to Tuscaloosa.  “Any organizations that engage in disruptive behavior during...

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5 Fall Activities to do on a budget

UM students Lindsey Sexton and Alex Warren visit pumpkin patch at Helena Hollow. Photo by Kat Bell. While the weather outside has been incredibly hot, it’s October now and that means that autumn is in full swing. Other seasons are great, with winter being full of holiday cheer, and summer meaning quality time at the beach. However, there’s some activities that you can enjoy only in the months of September through November, because there’s nothing quite like fall.  Roam a pumpkin patch  My favorite holiday is Halloween and nothing says Halloween like taking a trip to a pumpkin patch. It’s reminiscent of a...

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Global Climate Change Strike Draws Students

Protesters at global climate strike. Photo by Ariel Hall Inspired by the Swedish 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg, young people and adults across the globe came together to protest the current climate crisis and world leaders’ lack of action. There was participation in over 1,700 cities and 120 countries.  More than 300 people attended the rally in Linn Park on Friday. In addition to Birmingham’s event, rallies all over that state in cities such as Mobile and Huntsville also were planned.  An eighth grader from Simmons Middle School in Hoover named Stella Tarrant was inspired to organize Birmingham’s event once...

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