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City of Montevallo Passes Mask Resolution

Graphic by Bell Jackson Effective as of Tuesday, June 23, the City Council of Montevallo passed a resolution mandating the wearing of face coverings in public spaces.   The resolution recognized the emergency declarations by local, state and national authorities, and cited that, as of that day, Shelby County had 741 confirmed cases and 21 deaths related to COVID-19.  While certain businesses within the city have reopened, city officials stated that maintaining social distancing, as well as the use of a facial covering, aids in slowing the spread of COVID-19.  “This is not a partisan issue – it is a...

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UM moves April orientation to digital platform

After closing campuses, several universities have been forced to move their freshman orientations to online platforms.  According to Jenny Bell, director of student life at UM, the early freshman orientation that was supposed to occur this month has been moved online.   For the early orientation, resources have been put online for students to access.   “Advisors are conducting advising via phone, email and Zoom,” said Bell. “Orientation Leaders are interacting with students and answering questions via GroupMe and OL meetings will take place on Zoom.”  Freshman musical theatre major and COMS major Delaney Eaves provided some insight to her role as an Orientation Leader.  “I feel like doing it digitally will work just fine,” said Eaves. “I just wish we actually got to show them around campus and to things more in depth.”  Incoming honors students are also having to collaborate with Dr. Cathlena Martin, director of the UM Honors Program.  “I have personally been replying to each student individually with suggestions and feedback for their schedule,” said Martin. “Additionally, I asked all of the peer mentors to email them so that they had a student connection.”  Parent sessions are also being offered via Zoom.   While some places like the University of Alabama has already moved their orientations for the summer online, UM has not made a...

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Student starts refund petition for housing costs

On Sunday, March 29, Sean Jones, a student at UM, started a petition on Change.org that requested the University of Montevallo provide refunds to students for housing costs and other fees.  Since students paid tuition and other fees for resources with the expectation the resources would be available for full semester, Jones stated that it is within the responsibility of the University to refund this money.  “It’s the right thing to do,” said Celena McAlpine, the student who started a petition that recently called for the University to implement a pass/fail grade system.   Some schools including Harvard University, Stanford University and Ohio...

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Podcasts to Listen to during Quarantine

As COVID-19 and social distancing continues, some of us, especially us college students now living at home, may be feeling a little stir crazy with not being able to go wherever and do things we’re used to.   A couple of weeks into social distancing, you may already be bored with binge-watching a streaming service or being cooped up with your siblings. Here are some podcast recommendations for you in your time in quarantine.  NPR’s “Up First” (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, online)  With the virus, it’s especially important to stay updated on what’s going on. “Up First” is a perfect short and digestible dose of current event and news. It’s a great listen while you drink coffee or if you need a break from Zoom classes.  “Anna Faris is Unqualified” (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, online)  Celebrity podcasts are not a new concept, but Anna Faris brings on a new twist. In “Unqualified,” she brings on fellow celebrities and they give advice and address people’s questions about relationships, and other things. Guests range from actors to athletes to content creators. These Hollywood types are hysterical as they discuss in-law issues, wedding showdowns and a fear of snakes.   “Burnt Toast” (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, online)  Hosted by Michael Harlan Turkell, this food inspired podcast has incredible wit in a bite sized package. In just thirty minutes, “Burnt Toast” offers stories about the origins of...

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Dear Zoe, April 1, 2020

Dear Zoe,   Being back home is weird for me, because I’m really used to being on my own at school, but now that I’m living at home, I feel like I’m back to being a kid again. How do I maintain my independence while still respecting the fact that I’m living in my parents’ house?  From,   Trapped in childhood  Dear Trapped in Childhood,  I’d just like to start out by saying that what you’re feeling is totally valid, and you’re not alone. Gaining independence while you’re having to live at home presents a new challenge, but not an impossible...

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